Anthem 1.0.4 adds two big new features

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Anthem 1.0.4 adds two big new features

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Anthem‘s newest patch is now live, adding legendary missions, Elysian Caches, and a number of fixes. Legendary missions provide players with the opportunity to replay main story missions at a much higher difficulty. Only one legendary mission will be available per day, but that mission can be completed an unlimited number of times. Only six story missions are in the rotation for legendary missions right now, but more are coming in April according to the content roadmap.

First and foremost, Anthem 1.0.4 adds two big new features. Legendary Missions will allow Freelancers to revisit Anthem‘s story, replaying critical path missions over again at a much higher difficulty. These Legendary Missions will only be available via a single mission per day, though players can complete that mission as many times as they please.

The full patch notes on the Anthem website lay out both the major and minor changes this update bring to the game. Most of it deals with bug fixes, gear bonuses and weapon improvements, but there are also some quality of life upgrades mixed in there as well. For example, players can now access the Forge from either the main menu or the Launch Bay, and doing so no longer triggers a loading screen. Best and Cheapest Anthem Boosting For Sale -

The new update makes several loot changes as well. Chests in Strongholds, Freeplay, and Missions have all been buffed, increasing the number of items they have a chance to drop upon being opened. The same is true for the Apex creatures--Ursix, Titans, Furies, and Escari/Luminaries--in the game. The AFK timer has been reduced to five minutes from 10, and on any of the Grandmaster difficulties, all Stronghold bosses have a higher chance of dropping Masterwork or Legendary items.

And once again, the general Anthem loot system is being reworked to be more generous. You'll get extra gear from chests in freeplay, missions and strongholds, tough creatures like Titans will drop more loot than before, and boss loot stands a greater chance of being Masterwork or Legendary rating.The patch rounds up with a bunch of bug fixes and, for PC players, performance improvements and new graphical features.Anthem has had a tough beginning to its life, despite its lofty premise and huge budget. Little changes like this will go a long way to improve its playerbase's quality of life, but only time will tell if its potential audience has already been scared away.

The folks at BioWare and EA continue to work on improving Anthem and with its latest update, they’ve added a couple of new features, made some changes to loot as well as some quality of life improvements.

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